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Cerchio Necklace

What brings you back to yourself? Is it being on the water, putting down the phone and picking up paint brushes, or finally getting to talk to your best friend?  

Cerchio means circle in Italian and this unique design is meant to connect you to who you are, while also envisioning future possibilities. Possibilities that give you courage to enter that board meeting with confidence, step off the plane into new foreign lands, or even be the first one to say hello when your date looks even better than their profile picture. Always remember yourself while stepping into the future.

Sterling silver pendant, chain, and clasp. Matte finish. Handmade in Bellingham, Washington.  

Your necklace is made to order and ships within 2-3 weeks.

SIZES: Large pendant diameter 45mm on a 28 inch chain, Medium pendant diameter 35mm on a 24 inch chain, Small pendant diameter 20mm on a 20 inch chain

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