I am unapologetically passionate about making jewelry for people that stand strong in their own style and who appreciate design authenticity. 

MARTINI METAL CRAFT is...Marijo (Mary Joe) Martini

That's me. A very tall (6' 2") Pennsylvania born woman who migrated out to the Pacific Northwest back in 1999 to pursue something.

2004 = the year I got married and learned how to silversmith so I could make our wedding rings. That year was a turning point for me. It only took me twenty-two years to figure out that silversmithing was my unabated obsession. So, what's next you ask?  Start collecting tools, hone my skills and find studio space!  

2011 = the year I got my studio space. I can clearly remember that day. There was joyful screaming and crying involved, then the cogs started rolling. This studio space wasn't just any studio space, it was an 1892 Victorian Italianate architectural masterpiece.  Every detail of this building became the inspiration for my logo, my business philosophy, and my approach to jewelry design. 

2019 = designing jewelry for people who are fiercely independent, driven to experience the best in everything they do, not willing to settle for just anything, appreciative of curated quality, AND unapologetically passionate too!

If you want to have an authentic interaction with a silversmith on a mission to create experiences in everything she does, let's connect. 

Contact me to arrange a time to visit my beloved studio, check out my Locations page to view my upcoming events, or just buy direct from my website.