Back in 1997 during winter break in college, I was in New Hampshire visiting a friend and a snow storm trapped us in her apartment for a couple days. Around her dinner table, my friend showed me how to do wire wrapping.  And that's where it all started for me.

Jump to 2000, my now-husband had proposed and internally I thought, “I'm not going to buy some expensive wedding ring - - I'll just make it.”  I'd always wanted to do silversmithing, and so I decided to take classes and learned from top-notch professionals at Pratt Fine Arts Center, North Seattle Community College, and Danaca Design in Seattle, and ended up making our own wedding rings.

I'd been dabbling selling my jewelry but it wasn't until 2011, when I got this amazing studio space in Bellingham, WA, that my business actually started to take shape.  The studio and building, an 1892 Victorian Italianate architectural masterpiece, inspired the direction for my business.

For me, making jewelry is all about the tools.  Having the ability to walk into my studio,  knowing I have the tools I need to do whatever it is I want that day is dreamy.  

My ambition is to make jewelry that stands out amongst an ocean of options.  I'm not a fan of complicated things and appreciate simplicity, approachability, honesty, and authenticity.  I want these themes to translate through the jewelry I create and the experience my customers have with me and my business.

I use mostly recycled metals, primarily sterling silver, and mix my pieces with hints of copper or brass, and gemstones that are responsibly sourced.

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