I have lived in many states throughout my lifetime.  The tires on my truck have driven over most US Interstate Highway Systems, through back roads in back counties, and yet I landed in the Pacific Northwest.  Never in my mind did I ever think I would end up creating a life in Washington State.  Whatever forces drove me to this corner of the world - I thank them.  Every day I thank them. 

Washington places an emphasis on sustainability, abundance, curating quality, and taking their time to make something right.  They buy local, love all things green, and craft really good beer and wine.  Which leads me to the word crafting.  I heart this word.  It embodies everything I want to be and do.  It's a word to live up to.  Crafting demands so much more than just doing.  You must embrace it fully in order to take it on.  Anything less and it will spit you out to the coyotes (we have lots of them here).

 Without the Pacific Northwest and its desire to craft all things good I would not be where I am today.  So when I say, 'Handcrafted with love from Washington State", you now know what I mean.  I love Washington and all that it stands for.